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Gorgeous white spined ammonite fossil with a very light polish only to remove the caked on rock fragments that would have surrounded it.  Excellent shape and consistent high quality throughout.

Measures approximately 88mm


AMMONITE – Vibe to 9, Aquarius
pyritized is more rare

provides stimulus to architects and those in the field of construction
provides insight into basis from which to start and allows one to retain the whole picture from conception to finish
protective, giving stability and structure
eliminate caustic attributes and transform negativity into smooth, flowing energy
encourage and supplement ones survival instincts
promotes the requirements and actions necessary for world survival
alleviate the burdens of the birthing process
ease of relaxation with constant reminding of the patterns and rewards of circular breathing
alleviate the depression sometimes associated with the re-birthing process

PHYSICAL: treatment of disorders of the lungs and limbs. Helpful in rectifying degenerative disorders.


FOSSIL: Vibe to 8, Virgo
Heighten and supplement ones accomplishments in business and instill quality and excellence within ones environment
helps dispense with “old programming” and schedules, and to be open and receptive to, and perceptive of, fresh innovative forces available

PHYSICAL: Stimulate the thymus, treating disorders associated with atrophy, the skeletal system, and the hands and feet


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