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Sizable piece of tourmalinated quartz, v. indicolite, schorl.  The specimens in this batch are beautiful with many midnight blue incomplete crystals, and some with deep blue to black (schorl).   What you see if what you get – you will receive the piece in the photo! The photos that are brighter are natural sunlight through my window – the three dimmer ones are taken in my homemade lightbox which obviously needs revamping!  lol but seriously

SIZE:  8cm long; 4.5 cm tall

Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

Best application would be as a specimen at a great price, as rough for lapidary practitioners, and excellent but large as a raw palmstone.  You will receive the one in the photo – I do have more in stock!

A well known healing crystal, black tourmaline is known for its protective qualities, repelling negative energy.  Many use it as a grounding stone, but did you also know it can be energizing?  In addition to the following properties, the properties of Quartz would also apply.  See more in my Crystal Energy Guide! (link in the menu above)

TOURMALINE – VIBE to 2, Libra, Elemental

relates to each of the chakras
acts to clear, maintain, and stimulate each energy centre
attract inspiration, diminish fear by promoting understanding, encourages self confidence
balance yin yang
balance mind, chakras auras, aligns mental processes and the chakras with the etheric field

used to bring “good”; “teller” stone
provides insight during times of struggle and telling who or what is causing trouble

bring healing powers to user and provide protection from all physical plane dangers

promote awakening from the dream of illusion to promote the experience of the self as part of the universal spirit

stimulate balance between left and right brain
enhance cooperative efforts in areas of creativity and healing
helps one look within oneself with as much believe as one has for outer world
release concept of being the victim AND to maintain fortitude and laughter while retaining consciousness

tourmaline wands – provide complete directional aspects
clear the aura, energize appropriate chakra, balance meridians of physical body, optimum balance in the etheric body
initiate fruition of positive affirmations

INDICOLITE – 55 indicolite

can be used to activate the throat chakra and third eye, strengthening the skills association with communication and psychic awareness.
assists one in relations to others in a loving manner, bringing the true impressions to the surface. further helps one to live in harmony with ones environment (people places things)
activates progression toward service, allowing one to recognize rewards of serving humanity in areas of expansion of knowledge and in helping all to realize the power of love.
very deep blue stimulates third eye, facilitates access to the higher levels of intuition. It acts as a vehiclefor visions and for contact with the higher realms.
PHYSICAL: treat disorders of the lungs, throat, larynx, esophagus, thymus, and thyroid. Dark blue also used in treating disorders associated with the eyes, brain, and migraine headaches.



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