hawk eye, blue tiger eye long slab, ethical source

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Long blue tiger eye slab, full width of the band with natural edges.  Polished on both faces with a decent blue chatoyancy.  Approximately 22 cm in length

Vibe to 4, Capricorn
Replacement of asbestos in quartz (crocidolite blue, or gold)
Combines sharpness and grounding
resonates to Earth, encouraging stability
vibration is conducive to peacefulness and stimulates actions required to advance encounters with others during meditative state
helpful for individuals seeking clarity and must deal intelligently with scattered details which must be brought together
enhance psychic abilities and assist in gentle attunement of third eye activity
best adapted to ‘earthy’ people
help discipline sexual and emotional life, bringing light to practicality
promotes intuitive impressions
help you become practical and discrete as well as more grounded
eliminate the blues and bring optimism
provide insight into issues which induce internal mental battles, saving one from conflict associated with wilful pride
prompts admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing ones life and passion to open and blossom

balancing of yin-yang energy
integrate and balance both hemispheres of the brain, bringing awareness to perception

attune to connectedness of brothers and sisters of the planet, releasing introversion and fear while promoting new experiences

bring awareness to ones personal need and the needs of others, stimulating understanding between ‘wishing’ and ‘having’
stimulate wealth and enhance stability required for wealth
Calmness to unsettled turmoil, allowing the feeling of being uninhibited

PHYSICAL: Treat disorders of the eye, throat, reproductive system, diverticulitis constrictions, and to aid in night vision. Strengthen the alignment of the spinal column, facilitate mending of broken bones



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