STICHTITE with serpentine Raw/rough piece


Stichtite palmstone, ethical source

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Purple stichtite raw/rough piece, direct from the Barbeton Belt, ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

This is one of several pieces.  You will receive the one in the photo!

an alteration of serpentine, assists in movement of Kundalini into and through the heart chakra
expands awareness in the emotional aspects of ones life
brings calming peace to the environment in which it resides
promotes thinking with love prior to speaking with intellect

flexibility and openness in opinions; faithfulness in promises
companionship for those who are alone
stimulates awareness of and positive behaviour modification for children
being gentle with oneself and others

PHYSICAL: hernia and ruptures, regeneration of the skin, expansion and elasticity of skin, good for pregnant skin to spring back from water retention or extra pounds, treat gum disease and provides stability for the teeth



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