SODALITE Polished points


Deep blue sodalite polished points can be used as gemstone wands. Super sale price due to slender nature. Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC


These sodalite polished points are very tall and would be better as wands due to their slender nature.  SUPERSALE PRICE FOR ONE WEEK!

Approximately 7 to 8 inches tall.  Two only.

SODALITE – Vibe to 4, Sagittarius
Ability to arrive at logical conclusions
eliminate confusion
equalize and stimulate intellect to be compatible to situation
furthers unemotional efficiency, direction of purpose with lightness of heart
excellent for use in groups – provides fellowship, solidarity, and common goals and purpose within the group
manifesting companionship and mutual dependence, encouraging self esteem, self trust, and trust in others
enhance truthfulness in emotions, allowing one to recognize and verbalize true feelings
provide access to sacred laws of the universe – presenting ideas, stimulating thought, the ‘knowing’ comes without the ‘work’
PHYSICAL: treat gland metabolism, digestive disorders, purifying agent for the body, dispel insomnia, ameliorate deficiencies of calcium




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