Smokey Quartz polished palmstone

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SIZE:  Larger, thick, 14.2cms in circumference and 6.9 cms long

Excellent quality smokey quartz palmstones.  Very gemmy with optimal clarity and colour.

I have several – you will receive the one in the photo unless otherwise stated (ie. it sells and I have not put up new photos of the next one or five) 🙂

In addition to general qualities of quartz, the following attributes also apply:

SMOKEY QUARTZ – Vibe to 2 and 8, Capricorn, Sagittarius
can penetrate and transform negative emotions and negative energy patterns
penetrate and dissolve energy fields generated from negative thought forms, anger, and resentment
dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages, allowing positive energy to enter
dissolves resultant formations, effects, disorders, and disease which a problem has created

relive barriers between beta and alpha waves of the mind
relieves worry and clears the mental channel with your desire to set aside the thinking mind
refines vibratory energies in state of meditation, allowing clarity of thought and elimination of impeding wilfulness
creates a powerful force field which absorbs many forms of negativity, from self and from outer sources

prolonged, slower, but intense and gentle
aligns meridians of body
balance and attunement for spiritual development
excellent grounding stone, enhancing attentiveness to the moment and grounding aspects necessary to facilitate higher awareness

protective stone, encompassing barrier of energy around a person. Protection from any detrimental forces present in the ethereal realm

activates survival instincts and improves ones intuition in responsibility in challenging activities

regulate creativity in business and encourage astute-ness in purchasing
“stone of cooperation”, uniting energies toward the same goal
diffuse communication deficiencies and dissolve mental and emotional blockages which limit perception and learning
PHYSICAL: regulate liquids within the body, produce equilibrium with respect to mineral supplementation. Dissipate congestion from physical organs and glands in the solar plexus area, relieve disorders of the hands and feet.

discourages healing crisis when used with laying on of stones and emotional healer during activation of energy centers



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