SERAPHINITE Polished Chipstones



Small polished chipstones ranging in size from 7mm to  9mm with the occasional long one

The price is $11 for 3 only – seraphinite is an expensive mineral type and has become increasingly hard to get.

The qualities of chlorite also apply:

SERAPHINITE – vibe to 5

enhance circulation, both of energy and the blood
elixir to relieve chills when you are cold
weight loss melt away fat decrease fat lose weight get in shape
meditation produced celestial contact with highest order of angels with information imparted which is extremely relevant and of vast importance to the user
crown chakra: aligns the crown and centering effect
heart chakra: clean the area and promote protection and love both at the same time
helps one to see and understand the stage of life that one is in, and provides insight as to the changes required to promote peace, happiness, and harmony in ones life

increases self awareness, especially in areas where more self care is needed

increase assimilation of vitamin A and E, calcium, iron, magnesium
eliminate toxins
stimulates the production of beneficial good bacteria in the body
pain reliever
can be used to remove growths from outer layers of the skin and to diminish the appearance of liver spots


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