Beautiful scolecite sphere – very uncommon to find in a sphere formation.  Consistent quality throughout.

Approximate size of a tennis ball

SCOLECITE – Sign of Capricorn, Vibe to 1

  • used to open the network of information patterns to aide in communication with primarily the spirit world, and other worlds and extra terrestials
  • used by ancient civilizations on Earth, from whence this information derives
  • helps you to thoughtfully cultivate relationships and cohesion in organizations
  • good for collaborative efforts
  • speeds up the forming and strengthening of a team – especially useful for families, business groups, not for profit organizations, committees, and those who are in a newly formed group
  • furthers the action of ‘team spirit’
  • helps you to determine the root of a problem, and utilizing loving energy to aid you in the transformation to heal from or solve the problem
  • Dawn recommends this stone type to be placed in a healing room for practitioners and their clients
  • helps you to take control of your life and achieve the goals you set out for yourself

PHYSICAL:  treat intestinal disorders, spinal misalignment, and to expel parasites
used for remediation of disorders related to the eyes, the cortex, and the lungs
can be used to dissipate blood clots, to stimulate clearing of arterial walls, and to enhance circulation
treatment of bruises and wounds



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