SALT LAMP, Himalayan M


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ONLY 8 available, average 22cms tall.  Comes with electrical cord and bulb, removable from base of lamp.

Great for cleansing negative energy from a room, there are several other minerals that can be used in conjunction with salt lamps to achieve greater results.  Register for classes starting in autumn to learn more!

  • Enhances good will, elevates ones moods, ameliorates mood swings, diminishes negativity
  • excellent to rectify mood of abandonment, inciting initiative and independent thought
  • insight to allow greater freedom to meet an unforeseen event or circumstance
  • stimulates acupressure/acupuncture meridians and preservation of the sam
  • Having this in ones environment can facilitate feelings of love and well-bring
  • clearing the heart chakra

Use CAUTION during pregnancy.  Do not place halite or salt minerals on abdomen during pregnancy.




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