ROSE QUARTZ Heart, light pink


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Hand made rose quartz heart, light pink in colour, medium small measuring approx. 5cm x 4.5 cm

I love to handle it, as I can feel = Yum!  … ps. don’t eat rocks lol

Most of us know that rose quartz is for love: for others, groups, partners, and for oneself.  It helps us to see our own goodness without needing outside affirmation of the qualities that make one loving and kind. You are enough!

ROSE QUARTZ – Vibe to 7, Taurus, Libra

Calm cool energy removes negativity and reinstates love and self love
no need for haste, bringing calmness and clarity to emotions and restoring harmony after chaos or crisis
especially helpful at heart and crown chakras, producing gentleness, peace, and calm to relationships
promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word
spiritual attunement to the energy of love
balance yin yang energy, attune each chakra and provide proper frequency of energy vibration
effective in treating conditions related to the emotional body, balancing love of the upper four chakras – heart, throat, brow, and crown
Rejuvenating for both physical and emotions
excellent for healing emotional ‘wounds’

PHYSICAL: Clear fluids in cells to promote release of impurities; open heart centre and dissolve stress and tension; treat vertigo; diminish disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands; elixir to clear the skin and reduce wrinkles, provide soft complexion; placed on heart chakra, can diminish pain and stimulate proper functioning of the heart. Placed on area of the thymus, has decreased coughs and soothed bronchial and lung area; diminish burns and relive and vanquish blistering due to heat.




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