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Formerly called bixbite, this red beryl is commonly referred to as “red emerald”.  These are only a few millimeters in size and very rare.  I purchased these directly from the miner who dug them out of the Wah Wah Range in Utah.

I am sorry that the photos are not better – I will try again tomorrow with a different lens.

BIXBITE – red beryl also called “red emerald”
Taurus and Aries, Vibe to 8

  • supports your natural progression toward wisdom and enlightenment
  • can enhance your physical energy and power, bringing the clarity and purity of Universal Love
  • opens and energizes the root chakra, helps with initiation and movement of Kundalini energy
  • enhances devotion starting with your base and raising this energy
  • activates the heart chakra with a powerful and distinct energy that reminds you and facilitates the element of sacredness, holiness, and respect for same
  • stimulates unconditional love and respect for all of life – human, non-human, plant, cosmic…
  • stone of love
  • useful in providing more unity, harmony, collaboration, cooperation, and compatibility in relationships
  • helps one to deal with issues of co-dependence
  • brings a cosmic energy to your Earthly awareness
  • helps one to concentrate on inner growth
  • helps you to release negativity
  • helps you see that some problems in your life will resolve themselves naturally
  • the energy provides insight with respect to “the right time” – that you will know when it is the “right time” to do something, say something, look, stop, etc…
  • inspires one to complete old projects and to consider starting new ones
  • stabilizes business activity
  • brings a stability to the aspect of material possessions
  • stimulates ones awareness so it can become more of a habit
  • helps one to recognize beings from other planets
  • allows for clarity in judgement
  • reminds you to ‘accept accept accept’ all events and conditions, and to know that there are no other concerns or requirements – you just have to love and be love
  • provides for a protective energy which clearly disallows becoming caught up in fear
  • helps you to remember that there is nothing to fear
  • heals you by helping you release your ignorance and negativity, creating a perfect balance within you

PHYSICAL:  can be used to treat disorders of the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, thryroid, parathyroid, and stomach
– provides for a cleansing action which can affect both the respiratory tract and the digestive system


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