In all my years of collecting, I have never come across a cluster of sceptre quartz crystals!  The crystal points are almost all intact and one can spend a lot of time looking at this specimen.

A scepter formation is when the top of the crystal is larger than the neck, having formed around the tip of the crystal.  This unique specimen is a lilac purple amethyst and measures 80mm thick by 158mm long.  It displays very nicely for a collection, both in the fact that it has a large display face and the matrix/host rock is very minimal.

For meta practitioners, this is a very powerful hand-held tool or resting platform for extreme energy amplification, whether that be of your own energy, or to energize other crystals that are placed upon it. Um, YOWZA!

Qualities of amethyst, quartz, and scepter formation all apply.  Please refer to the Crystal Energy Guide in the menu bar above.  Advanced application of crystal energies can be learned through upcoming classes and lessons offered online and via Zoom, beginning in the autumn of 2021.  Please email me to express your interest!



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