PURPURITE Mineral specimen


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Beautiful shimmer that looks metallic on this purpurite specimen.  Not the most common mineral to find, this item is ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

Size: Approx 4.5cms wide

Sign of Virgo, Vibe to 9

– helps you to break out of old patterns and conditions, whether you are aware of them or not
– helps with retirement decisions, especially when fear is involved (fearing that you can’t stop now)
– provides a very straightforward truth, “a brilliant truth”
– stimulated abilities of the crown chakra
– increases your desire to be a better person
– aids in freeing you from the material world and
– helps with your ego, to be more modest in both attitude and in how you carry yourself
– good for manifesting goals and material items
– purity especially in regard to higher thought and higher states of being
– helps you to plan and take action on your path to enlightenment
– public speaking
– expressing yourself with confidence and freedom, further protecting you from the interfering energies while you are expressing yourself

Treatment of hemorrhages, bleeding, bruising, hemophillia, superficial wounds.
– helps transport blood from heart to lungs
– control levels of uric acid
-stabilize pulse rate
– excellent for purifying the blood


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