PETRIFIED WOOD limb, polished ends


Petrified wood, short limbs with polished ends


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I love the intricate patterns found in petrified wood, and these smaller limb sections are very interesting.  Both ends are polished and the natural bark is present.

PETRIFIED WOOD – Vibe to 77, Leo
Wood replaced by agate and/or quartz; some forms are opal
remove trifling annoyances by bringing action to eliminate situation
elimination of worrying about things of little importance “change what you can, and worry not about the rest”
strength in all areas of ones life; a stone for grounding
access to explicit information concerning past lives via meditation with the stone
treat atrophied portions of the body paralysis, and dysfunctional ambulatory capabilities
strengthen the back and provide alignment to the skeletal structure of the body
treatment of hearing loss and incontinence; eliminate odours uncommon to the environment
provides support to one who is coming through the crisis period of a disease, providing insight into “why” the suffering, and lessons learned, so as not to be repeated
“stone of transformation” advancing to the highest chosen level, ascension to a higher aspect of self, recognize that all actions bring one closer to ones ultimate purpose
elixir, soothe the skin and stimulate thickness and lustre in hair



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