MACRAME Wrapped Gemstone Pendant


Pendants of power, made with intention for specific recipient by Dawn Markus


I will macrame wrap you a stone pendants of power, made with intention for you or the person you request it to be made for.  From start to finish, I work with spirit and my intuition to create your unique design and use the materials as they call to me.  You tell me what you want the resulting energy to be, and I will provide.

With macrame, you can choose the colour of cord you would like me to use.  The design will be as pictured for the most part, as I did not take training or go into the profession of macrame expert. lol but seriously

The important thing is that your piece is going to be very powerful, as it will be made with every intention for the success of your stated goal.

If I do not have your colour of cord, I will choose a matching colour (or black/grey if I do not have a better match).

I look forward to creating your piece!

*Stone is extra charge, as each will have a differing price depending on the size and stone type.  You can also provide me with one.  It will work best if you let me know what your intention is for the piece and I can offer suggestions based on what I have in stock that is suitable in size and weight for a pendant.




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