IOLITE Cordierite Raw


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Raw cordierite / iolite rough pieces, approximately 2.5 to 4 cms in size.  Iolite used to be used by Viking to navigate, and I personally like to wear my iolite when I wish to find direction, or, when I am open to whatever path the Universe provides that day (ie. go into town and get groceries, and follow all leads I am given).

When this stone type is more of a gem quality, it is referred to as iolite.  So, technically these pieces are cordierite (the term used when they are not gem quality).  I am not sure how they will react to a tumbler, but I would love to hear from anyone who has done so!

Since these stones have the energetic attributes of iolite, I have included more info here:

Vibe to 7 Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus
“the violet stone”

PRIMARY POWER: helps one to change ‘painlessly’ toward spiritual growth. Major use in third eye/crown area during healing, astral travel, and guided meditations. Produces an electric charge when in contact with your aura, strengthening and aligning aura with subtle bodies. Use your intuitive capabilities to determine correct location for each specific situation. Used in shamanic healing, can stimulate visions.

Iolite is POWERFUL MEDICINE. Balances male/female aspects of your character, bringing harmony and eliminating dissonance and disruption in relationships. Helps you to release discord and allow for progression past the conflict. Helps you to enjoy each moment and awaken to your inner knowledge and instincts. Vikings used iolite to help navigate their travel, leading many to believe in its innate ability to impart knowledge regarding direction and directional forces. Can be used to eliminate debt, helping you to be precise and accept responsibility, leading to excellence in your endeavours and in the management of your money.

PHYSICAL: Helps you attain a constitution which defies physical disorders. Is purported to enable a person to consume alcohol with lessened, if any, effects. Protects and improves a degraded liver condition. Assists in lessening fatty deposits and in ridding the body of toxins. Used to treat malaria and other fever-producing disorders.



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