GARNET, Rhodolite Raw Lg


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This listing is for larger garnets that average in size at approx. 2cms to 2.5 cms

(there is another listing for smaller crystals that average approx. 1cm to 1.5cms wide – regarded as ‘small’)

Rhodolite garnets, river tumbled and in their raw form.  The birthstone for January, did you know that garnets come in a wide variety of colours? Yum!  All these choices!  ps do not eat rocks lol but seriously

Garnets are great for overall health, as well as the following attributes:

GARNET – VIBE to 2, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

  • stone of health, extracting negative energy from the chakras and transmuting energy to beneficial state
  • sacred throughout history.
  • acts with speed due to flash of lightning contained within
  • helping one to change ones world by producing expansiveness in awareness and manifestation
  • enhances ones internal fire, create powers to the stage of implementation
  • recognize inherent responsibility with respect to personal freedom and patience, inciting personal magnetism and cooperation in instances of change
  • stone of commitment – to purpose, to others, to self
  • loving powers reflect attributes of the devotion bringing he love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding
  • helpful in moods of abandonment, helping one to realize that surrender to discontinuity brings freshness to ones life
  • balances and stimulates development and movement of the Kundalini
  • stimulates from base and crown to provide for free flow of movement, via spinal column and inner pathway of light, distributing appropriate amount of energy to each portion of the body
  • provides stable connection between physical and ethereal nervous systems, energizing the total system to vitality
  • controls and dispenses the amount of energy that is best for the system
  • allows one to flow with the energies available
  • monitors and adjusts the flow of energy, providing balanced field and align emotion and intellect with ALL THAT IS
  • amplify functions of emotional and intellectual regeneration AND the processes, in order to achieve the integration of experiences and acceptance of emotions, with subsequent renewal of self discovery. one must re affirm the direction of inherent thoughts and feelings.
  • individual effort to alter ones attitude, emotions, state of mind can be promoted with garnet. provides protective influence and calming stable vitality during use
  • certain garnets, especially star garnet, have purifying/cleansing properties, helping to eliminate disorder, especially at the beginning of symptoms

PHYSICAL: treating disorders of the spine and spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure and composition, heart, lungs, and blood.
Equalize sexual energies and enhance assimilation of iodine, calcium magnesium, and vitamins A, D, and E.

Useful in anti-aging applications – great as an elixir!
Helpful in all conditions requiring regenerative forces.

RHODOLITE Garnet – Sign of Leo, Vibe to 7

-can be used in healing on any chakra
– inspiring one to develop metaphysical processes which enhance meditation and channeling
– helps initiate rise in Kundalini, further aiding in the movement of this energy upwards through the chakras
– excellent protector at the root chakra
helps maintain rhythms of the natural subtle bodies in sync with other aspects of one’s consciousness
– excellent stabilizer
– triggers a calm assurance throughout physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal bodies
– excellent for introspection and rumination, balancing the peace and solitude of internal analysis with harmony and taking action on what is discovered
– brings inspiration through love that you feel in your heart and mind

PHYSICAL: especially good for treating disorders of the heart and lungs


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