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Cabinet sized green Fluorite octahedron specimen cluster from Riemvasmaak, ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

I love how it displays wonderfully with exceptional character, especially in the one perfect octahedron that has defied all odds to remain intact and in place!

Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

Cleansing, tidying, freshness to self, and renewal to the chakras
diminish mild trauma in emotional bodyeliminate negativity in a room
Extensively used in treatment of stomach disorders, circulates a soothing energy throughout the intestinal tract
Ease the discomforts of colitis, heartburn, sore throat, and similar maladies

PLUS, all of the properties attributable to ALL fluorite:

FLUORITE – Vibe to 7 and 9, Pisces, Capricorn
Discourages chaotic, disruptive, and disorganized growth
stabilize and produce order within mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual systems
bring order to chaos
helps impart impartiality and unbiased detached reasoning where it would be beneficial to view and act upon info objectively

“stone of discernment and aptitude” bringing energies of responsibility to systematic intuition
represents height of mental achievement, limitless range of avenues for exploration
increase ability to concentrate, balancing positive and negative relationships of the mind
helps see reality and truth behind illusion

helps one understand the balances of relationships; provides stabilizing energy, helping relationships, groups, and individuals to flourish in the realm of benefit to all.
Can inspire universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body, helping one attain physical perfection
encourages and sustains ideal of health, intellect, and emotional well being. provides for purification, cleansing, and elimination of that which is in disorder. used to dispel disorders at the beginning of symptoms and useful to dissipate states associated with colds, flu, staph and strep infections, infectious cankers, herpes, ulcers, and similar infections. Used to treat violent or highly infectious disease, as well as by others working with the affected to provide protection from the affectation. Used to treat tumors at the beginning stages of their growth

PHYSICAL: Structure of the bone and the composition and formation of the cells. Prevention of RNA/DNA damage and used in repair of same.


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