ETTRINGITE Mineral Specimen 2


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OVERALL SIZE:  2.5cms wide

Small specimen of rare Ettringite on calcite.  Nice specimen with solid presence of the mineral, albeit lacking in crystal habit.  Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

You will receive the specimen in the photo.  I have more of these rare items in stock and will be posting them individually.

ETTRINGITE – Sign of Gemini,
Vibe to Master Number 55

More feminine qualities are activated with this mineral, but it also provides for a balancing and strength to the physical body

helps you to distinguish between two dualities, for example, truth and lies, love and apathy, sincerity and insincerity
helps you to be open to diversity within yourself, and understand your changing emotional states
helps you to see the separate pieces of your knowledge and fill in the spaces
eases worry about the trust you may lose in someone close to you, and helps you to find strength in relying on your own self!
self sufficiency
PHYSICAL: Treating tendons, throat disorders, and helps with cleansing your body of toxins through elimination


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