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Excellent lot of epidote crystals with consistent size and quality throughout.  Non-terminated but obvious striations to let you know which direction the crystals grew.  See also epidote clusters.

Photos indicate quality of the batch.

Epidote is excellent for increasing and amplifying whatever intention you have set for the stones.  An excellent addition to elixirs and grids.  Overall, a very strong AND softening crystal energy.

EPIDOTE – Vibe to 2, Gemini

Provides an increase to that to which one attunes it, so useful in all aspects of ones life

dispels criticism

enhances keen perception

stimulates participation and interaction in projects and with others

supplements personal power

useful in gardening in relation to supporting and maintaining plant health

PHYSICAL: Combat dehydration, elixir for softening and smoothing skin, disorders associated with nervous system, brain, and thyroid


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