Rough ‘chunk’ of dioptase raw in matrix. Non crystallized, ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC.

5 in stock (can be backordered)


Dioptase rough in matrix would be excellent for raw palmstone seekers (this is NOT polished even though it is in the polished section for palmstones).  I think it is a great mineral at a great price for any lapidary practitioners wanting to polish some rare dioptase – not often you get a chance to polish this at home, if you can even find some to do so! You will receive the one in the photo – I have more if you are interested and it is sold!

Personally, I LOVE dioptase. It is one of my favourite mineral specimens and I was able to acquire small crystals every once in a while during my 30+ years of collecting.  It is very rare to find sizable crystals in good condition, and even more rare to find clusters.  I have both (insert huge smiley face here).

ALL of my dioptase in stock is 100% NATURAL COLOUR.

Please check back in the weeks to come as I will be adding clusters of dioptase, a rarity to be sure.

DIOPTASE – VIBE TO 8, Sagittarius, Scorpio

used to both clear and stimulate all chakras to the higher level of awareness and action, bringing an invigorating and refreshing energy
instills clarity of connection between physical and perfection of ethereal

brings forth and helps one to understand the message to live int he moment

excellent for furthering spiritual attunement
over third eye can help to see root of problem and gain wisdom to correct it

stimulates memory of past lives and assists in attunement to the conscious awareness of these lives
brings to light the hidden forces which one can utilize in attaining that which is required

enrichment of ones life, ones environment, ones planet
can hear the silence of the resonance of Earth and help to heal the Earth

very beneficial in eliminating “lack”
eliminates oppressive feelings and situations, realize richness and surplus of ones personal resources, and utilize ones capabilities to the fullest

raise consciousness so that one may employ the universal energies of awakening while realizing well being

balancing yin yang energy and aligning chakras with ethereal plane
activates, opens, and energizes heart chakra
brings energy necessary to the physical body through loving energy of the heart

promote inner cellular awareness such that each cell affected by a disorder can singularly, and collectively, recognize the reason for malfunction and then release the anomaly, facilitating both alignment with the perfect self and the healing state

produce a natural calming energy which desensitizes both the body and mind when required.
help to relieve pain. elixir is excellent for headaches, migraines, pain from surgery, or things that hut generally.
used to ease high blood pressure and release stress and tension

helpful in correcting problems associated with inadequacies in nourishment, disturbed equilibrium, disorders of the heart and lungs, and in general, all cells and structures

has been used in the treatment of Meniere’s symptoms, to alleviate the dizziness and to remove the cause.
used in the amelioration of the rash associated with Agent Orange and to diminish the presence of this toxin.
provides for an increased T-cell count in AIDS patients


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