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Amazing clarity of this gemstone quartz polished flame.  Nice shape, excellent for rising energy.

SIZE: 100mm tall (10 cms), width averaging at 60 mm (6cm)

Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

QUARTZ – Vibe to 4, All Signs

Piezoelectric and pyroelectric – polarity will change when subjected to pressure or held in hand. The tip, normally positive and receiving, will become negative and emit energy from tip or end.

Amplification, focusing storage, transfer, and transformation of energy, including body energy and thoughts
dispel static electricity and convert and redirect energy toward beneficial state
natural balanced, solid-state energy field
Modified its energy in accordance with your level of understanding
Creation of power
Provide clarity
Harmonize and align human energies – thoughts, consciousness, emotions
“stone of power”, natural tendency toward HARMONY
connection between physical plane and the dimensions of the mind
communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside physical dimension
synchronize the individual and total consciousness with that of heavens and advanced life-forms
facilitate speaking with and receiving information from the spiritual and otherworldly masters, teachers, and healers
transform thoughts into sound, producing vibration associated with the thought and affecting the environment with the discharged energy
can create altered states of consciousness and serve as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities of the mind
all psychic abilities can be stimulated and amplified by using this mineral
assists in retaining calmness and clarity in all situations, decreasing amount of negative that could inhibit emotional stability
provides for enhanced energy and promotes perseverance and patience
Restful sleep
used in ancient civilizations for rejuvenation and in developing incredible power and splendour misuse induces destruction – a lesson to learn, not to experience. Misuse is for purposes other than ‘for the good of all’
Clear and activate energy centers of the body
attunes well to heart chakra and very responsive at the third eye
using quartz to activate the crown chakra is quite effective. Spiralling energy produces a clear pathway to access the realm of spirituality
IF, however, one has not overcome personal “will” and the crown chakra is opened with quartz, the available energy could cause disruption within the emotional, physical, and spiritual centers. Best results obtained when the will is willing and receptive to following higher guidance
purifies the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. healer of negativity associated with perspectives and judgments
Can be used to focus on inner negativity in order to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings.
can direct ones materialistic energies toward the spiritual realm
enhance flow of positive thoughts and feelings toward light, love and the harmony of the planet
induces amplification of the energy field in the location where it resides
can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions (*note – we are talking ions, not vibrations. You DO want negative ions to produce positive feelings. You do not want negative vibrations to lower your own vibrations.)
cancels harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity (most people forget this and only utilize black tourmaline or shungite)
A single quartz crystal carried or placed in ones environment will assist in maintaining balance, energy, and protection. The force and brilliance remain attuned to the energy of the one to whom it is connected
CLEAR used extensively in meditation, spiritual development, and healing
helps one to recognize the origin of a disease, used in diagnostic healing, in raising the consciousness toward the enlightened state, and in communicating with spirits and with those from other worlds
used for religious purposes since ancient times. One of the seven precious substances of Buddhism
ancient priests used quartz to render negative energy impotent, to dissolve enchantments and spells, and to destroy all black magic
Romans used quartz for glandular swelling, to reduce fevers, and to relieve pain
in the Scottish Highlands, a quartz set in silver and worn about the back was thought effective for diseases of the kidneys
medieval times – quartz held against tongue to assuage fever and diminish thirst

PHYSICAL: Treatment of disorders of the circulatory system, Treatment, of vertigo, to stabilize dizziness, to promote emotional stability.
Holding the quartz to an area that has been burned has eliminated pain, blistering, and any trace of the burn.
A topical elixir is beneficial to skin disorders
An internal elixir can eliminate toxins from the body
Used to treat digestive disorders and in the elimination of kidney and bladder infections and dysfunctions



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