CHEVRON AMETHYST Small DT Polished Crystals


Amethyst natural crystals

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SIZE:  average 55mm in length, approx. 15 mm wide

Polished amethyst double terminated (dt) crystals are great for wire wrapping, creating a natural protective energy around the wearer.  This protective energy is one of the best reasons to wear a double terminated crystal! These points are beautifully made, smooth polish, and really gorgeous depth of violet purple.  Obvious chevrons!

Amethyst is a popular quartz crystal choice with many applications (psychic protection, raising vibration, providing calmness, assisting in meditation as well as dreams to name only a few).  You will receive one from this batch – first two customers will get one in photo (or both if you buy two!)

Amethyst has so many applications, including psychic protection, raising vibration, providing calmness, assisting in meditation as well as dreams… so much to say:

AMETHYST – Vibe to 3, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn
double terminated provide immediate beta state
“stone of spirituality and contentment”
transmutes lower energies into higher energies of both spiritual and ethereal levels
representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis
balances energies of intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies
provides clear connection between Earth plane and other worlds
clears the aura, stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy with ones body
bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace
“stone of meditation” conducting the energy of calm and peace to enter and maintain the state
opens and activates crown chakra
protection against psychic attacks, the energy being transmitted to the universe after being transformed into positive loving energy
serenity and composure while inciting fairness in decisions, enhances ability to manage any and all responsibilities
enhances cooperation and co-efficiency between ones bodies, between physical and spiritual worlds, and during activities of this world
provides ‘sense’ of common sense, encourages flexibility in decisions
controls temperament by imparting soothing, calming influence while clearing away unproductive and unkind vibrations
helps business affairs to prosper
ALSO ASSISTS: assimilation of new ideas, help one remember and apply the many ways to overcome stationary forms, attitudes, and states of mind
by directing love to amethyst, energy is increased by order of magnitude and returned to the region in which it is located
consciously holding amethyst allows one to activate the energy to produce realignment of the energy bodies while providing stimulus to rectify disassociation between cause and effect
allows for integration of cause and effect, providing insight into the aspects of ones self that require remodelling in order to achieve state of perfection
encourages and supports sobriety; excellent for one who is attempting to free themselves from addictive traits (to oneself or to another).
Useful in debate, affording advantage to the holder of the amethyst – the advantage is spiritual insight coupled with intellectual reasoning
used with chlorite to expedite removal of unwanted energy implants from ones physical and auric bodies – provides connection with universal mind with confers info as to where implant is
PHYSICAL: treatment of hearing disorders, strengthen skeletal system and reinforce posture, stimulates sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands to proper and precise performance. Treating disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. Help cellular disorders to re-adjust and realign in order to eliminate distressful conditions.
Used to treat insomnia and ameliorate pain from headaches and other disorders, the pain dissipating completely. Useful in stabilizing mental disorders. Used as an elixir in the treatment of arthritis

CHEVRON AMETHYST- Vibe to 7, All signs
All attributes above as well as:
one of the finest third eye stones, stimulating vision into unknown realms within self and the exterior worlds
facilitates perception and interpretation of the aura, assisting in diagnostic techniques and furthering auric cleansing
emanates concentrated energy so that a larger area than usual is impacted
clearing of the aura and for the release and dissipation of negativity
placement on a chakra serves to release the tensions of the chakra and further energize areas that have been static
excellent for journeying and self evaluation and evolution
brings ones strength and loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits
energy for psychic research, assisting in the transport and retrieval of tangible and intangible patterns of force, movement, and space time relationships. Allows one to retrace negative energy attempting to penetrate ones protective shield back to the source, providing information with respect to reason and origin of the negativity
stimulates understanding of the positive answer to any imaginable problem, assisting in selection of the resolution



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