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Package of 10 (ten) self-igniting charcoal discs, 40mm in diameter.  Nice large size for burning resin and loose incense.  (incense, burner, and tongs are sold separately)

*Never burn unattended.  I recommend igniting disc out of doors and letting it set prior to bringing indoors.

  1.  Prepare heat proof dish (I like to use cast iron) by filling with sand.
  2. Hold disc with tongs and light one side.  It will begin to sparkle on its own.
  3. Place disc on sand while it ignites through.
  4. Wait until it has turned gray, denoting that it is ready for your incense.
  5. Place incense on disc in small portions at a time, as this process produces a lot of smoke.
  6. When you are done, leave all items in place until they cool off.  You can reuse your sand.  I generally mix in the ash and bits every once in a while before I replace the sand completely.
  7. Keep your charcoal discs sealed from air, either in foil or a closed plastic bag. This will keep them viable for much longer than if left exposed to the air.


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