Carnelian agate palmstone, ethically sourced

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Exceptional finish and depth of colour to these palm sized polished beauties. Price will be relative to size, as there are a few VERY large palmstones with the rest being 60mm to 70mm on average. Some qualify as sard with their deep rust brown, and others exhibit the depth of orange and red that make carnelian look good enough to eat. (ps. Don’t eat rocks). Carnelian is excellent for passion, sensuality and sexuality, and for those in pursuit of theatre and dramatic arts. Many utilize carnelian to cleanse the energy from other stones, and I encourage you to look at the CARNELIAN AGATE BOWLS currently in stock ? excellent for overnight cleansing of everyday jewellery, for example.

CARNELIAN – VIBE to 5 and 6, Taurus, Cancer, and Leo
Aka Sard, Sardonyx relative
also properties of AGATE and CHALCEDONY

stimulate analytical capabilities and precision\provides perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents and adroitness
used to produce inspiration from and connection to the spirit worlds

protects against envy, fear, rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure

assists in providing awareness for association between emotional state and inner condition of self

provides energy conducive to the stabilization of energy in the home
strong yet tender energy when used in the mode of retreat
since one IS love, there is nothing to do but to offer the love, each offering of love bringing an exponential increase in the quantity returned.
pink carnelian, is especially love between parents and children, and
between parents and parents

stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative

dispel apathy, indolence, and passivity

favourable with respect to cleansing negativity from other stones. when directed, provides for a clearing action while directing any negative energy which is within the area, towards the light of transmutation

assist one in drama and in pursuits related to theatrical presentations

useful in work on the 1, 2, 3, 4 chakras, and can help to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity, and compassion

using Carnelian and kammererite together facilitates connection between physical self and higher self

using Carnelian with chlorite and ruby crystals can eliminate psychic attack and assist earth bound spirits to leave an area
gridding of these three minerals can protect one and ones environment from the return of negative energies

PHYSICAL: treatment of neuralgia, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds. Amelioration of disorder of the spine, spleen, and pancreas. Elixir to help heal cuts and abrasions.



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