AZURITE POLISHED Freeform Palmstone


Azurite palmstones

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Hand made azurite polished freeform makes for an amazing palmstone!  You will receive the one in the photo, measuring 5cm x 4cm x 3cm in its unique shape.  Consistent azure colouring with lines indicating more gemmy material. Ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

These are the first azurite palmstones I had ever encountered. My hypothesis is that there was a lot of massive material that was unsuitable for specimens, and it is our gain! I personally love to handles my stones for energetic application, and these azurite polished freeforms fit the bill nicely. Azurite is excellent for so many applications, including psychic development.

AZURITE – Vibe to 1, Sagittarius
“the stone of heaven”
stimulates pursuit of heavenly self, providing for guidance via the third eye and precise verbalization of psychic experiences
awakens development of psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of ones life
promotes recognition of the intuitive ways that ones love can further ones talents
“the great benefactor”, controlling energy flow and emitting precisely amount required in any situation
enhances creative ability; helps eliminate indecision and worries “in the back of one’s mind” (simply hold and ask to have troublesome thoughts evaporate)
nodules are excellent for stimulation of the third eye and the intuitive and psychic selves
enables focusing of the intuitive self at the etheric level, to induce to memory the portion of ones life or character which requires attention
“the truth will out”
works very well with sacral and heart chakras, allowing for recognition and manifestation of the ‘bestower of good’ in each person
enhances creativity, mellows intellect with love, helps one to maintain communication from the heart
stimulates compassion and empathy
enhances self-confidence, allowing for invincibility when required
can facilitate contact with First Nations spirit guides, allowing one to both feel the presence and understand the message
ancient symbol of status
Mayans used azurite to stimulate and inspire actualization of the psychic and mystical self to facilitate transfer of information, knowledge, and wisdom via thought
aligns chakras, attunes physical body to ethereal nervous system, providing for unimpaired flow of energy
works quite well in the dissolution of energy blockages, impediments, and restraints in ones progress – focus on the mineral, direct the thought to actualize the release of all barriers in ones path, and the azurite initiates and expedites the process
can give direction to information about releasing the energy within that is causing disease, halting the continuation of the disease
useful in radionic analysis or as a pendulum, pointing to the problem involved or answers required
meditation – provides for relaxation and easy entry into the void of ‘no mind’ state. allows deeper travel within self to maintain depth of mediation while myriad of visual images are made available
outside mediation, combines relaxation with stimulus toward awareness, precision, and global thought.
PHYSICAL: spinal alignment, ameliorate arrangement of vertebrae, rib cage, and small bones, which are malformed. Used to treat circulatory disorders, to disseminate and disperse growths, to clear toxins from the body, to stimulate functioning of the synapses. Energy conducive to enhancing the flow of motion and help in allaying spasms and ‘tics’.


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