ARAGONITE Polished points, small



Banded aragonite polished points, useful for so many applications!  Small wands, points in a crystal grid, or the unique centerpiece of your next wire wrapping project!  Caramel layers look good enough to eat BUT do not eat rocks.  Still… yum lol

Approx size: two inches long

ARAGONITE – VIBE to 9, Capricorn

PRIMARY POWER: provides for ease with centering oneself
helpful during periods of anger and stress; enhances patience.
helps to comfortably maintain acceptance of an abundance of responsibilities
enhances reliability and practicality
helps during prep for meditation
insight into basis of problems on the physical plane
stimulate communication on higher planes

PHYSICAL: combat chills with elixir; ameliorate general aches and pains as elixir or applied locally
combat deficiencies in Vitamins A & D
TSUMEB ARAGONITE: Value against hair loss, helps wrinkled and coarse skin

when consciously directed, help one to maintain strict discipline within one’s activities; enhances reliability and practicality



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