APATITE Palmstone


Apatite palmstone, may have been heat treated

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Amazing apatite palmstones!  I tried to find untreated apatite, which is increasingly more rare. The neon blue colour is generally heat treated, and the deeper the blue the less likely it has been irradiated. Limited stock. Apatite is excellent for the intellect and psychic pursuits:


APATITE – Vibe to 9, Gemini

PRIMARY POWER: stimulates the intellect
realize ones strength thru both spiritual and love
dissolves aloofness and negativity
apatite enhances coming to results, so good to work with other crystals
related to service and development of humanitarian pursuits

ALSO ASSISTS: practically apply ones insight and power of manifestation
truth to freedom, expansion of knowledge, disclosure of the ‘truth to freedom’
integrate, coordinate, and balance emotional, intellectual, physical and etheric

eliminates over activity, under activity, blockage or congestion in the chakras

stimulates development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the awareness of the devic worlds. past life insight and telepathy

when applied with spiritual discipline, used to develop deeper states of meditation and reflection, yin yang balancing, raising Kundalini energy, self insight, inner clarity, peace, and oneness with higher self

enhances creativity
stone of the future and will bring knowledge by clearing mental confusion
awakens the finer, inner self

PHYSICAL: hunger suppression, elixir yes, focus healing energy on systems, glands, meridians, and organs.


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