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Hand harvested by a Saskatchewan resident, these apache tears of obsidian are 100% natural.  Ranging in size from 2cm to 4cm, these beautiful pieces are natural tumblestones (not really but you know what I mean.)  Excellent for helping you to manage grief, among the many other properties of both obsidian and specifically, Apache Tears.  There is a legend involving the mourning of women for their men who were killed, and their tears formed these specimens.  I am very glad to have them in stock, as most of what is on the market is polished and you do not get to see the natural finish with white accents.


PRIMARY POWER: comfort in times of grief, providing insight and acceptance
stimulates analytical capabilities and precision
promotes forgiveness and release of grievances held against others
removes barriers that are self limiting

PHYSICAL: Has been said to expel venom of snakebite. Enhances assimilation of Vitamins C, D, and elimination of toxins from body; alleviates muscle spasms


VIBE to 1, Sagittarius, Elemental
PRIMARY POWER: intrinsic properties include reflection of ones flaws and promotes a clear picture of changes necessary to eliminate flaws produce very blunt answers, focusing ones inner vision and stimulating vision of required course of action excellent grounding stone, excellent protective stone, stabilizing internal and external energies, gently protecting from physical and/or emotional harm. Provides shield against negativity, transforming negative vibes within the environment
disperse unloving thoughts which arise from within or are directed toward ones physical form
useful in healing, providing healer and subject with clarity to the cause and the amelioration

Black, Grey, Brown OBSIDIAN

used for gazing and to produce sincerity in action, and insight into future scenes and symptoms; aid in the removal of disorder from body; brings affectation to surface, surrounding and transmuting it into white light;
black obsidian vibe to 3, induces creativity in all endeavours
grey induces tact and cooperation, vibe to 2
brown stimulates initiative and independent thought and action, vibe to 1


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