Chevron amethyst gemstone sphere. ethically sourced

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Beautifully made chevron amethyst spheres are excellent for providing multi-directional energy. Of the six spheres I ordered, some exhibit a flower amethyst pattern, and some more dogtooth. Very well made with deep purple natural colour and obvious chevrons. Amethyst energetic attributes apply as well as:


CHEVRON AMETHYST- Vibe to 7, All signs
All attributes above as well as:
one of the finest third eye stones, stimulating vision into unknown realms within self and the exterior worlds
facilitates perception and interpretation of the aura, assisting in diagnostic techniques and furthering auric cleansing
emanates concentrated energy so that a larger area than usual is impacted
clearing of the aura and for the release and dissipation of negativity
placement on a chakra serves to release the tensions of the chakra and further energize areas that have been static
excellent for journeying and self evaluation and evolution
brings ones strength and loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits
energy for psychic research, assisting in the transport and retrieval of tangible and intangible patterns of force, movement, and space time relationships. Allows one to retrace negative energy attempting to penetrate ones protective shield back to the source, providing information with respect to reason and origin of the negativity
stimulates understanding of the positive answer to any imaginable problem, assisting in selection of the resolution


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