AGATE Polished Gemstone Slice 4


Beautiful 100% natural colour agate slice with natural edge, ethically sourced by Dawn Markus, MC

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Small agate slice in 100% natural colour is perfectly polished on both sides with a natural complete edge.  Gorgeous detail with a lot to look at!

BASIC PROPERTIES OF AGATE (there are many additional properties for the wide variety of agate types.  This is a basic summary of points)

AGATE – Vibe to 9, Elemental, Gemini
Balancing yin-yang energy and balancing physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. Stabilizes the aura, providing for a cleansing effect which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and to both transform and eliminate negativity. assists in precise self-examination and circumstances relevant to ones being
used to be placed in water for drinking or cooking in order to dispel sickness
stimulates analytical abilities and precision. provides perceptiveness to situations and awakens inherent talents. produce inspiration from entities residing in spiritual worlds
PHYSICAL: strengthen the sight, diminish thirst, promote marital fidelity


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