AEGERINE Small crystals



Size range:  3.5cms, 5 cms, 7 cms – you will receive three or five, depending on the size.

These small black aegerine crystals are excellent to use for crystal grids, in tandem with any other crystals, and wire wrapped for increasing personal conviction, among these other attributes of aegerine:

AEGERINE – VIBE To 5, Pisces

Assists in following personal convictions and morality to do what is required
provides strength to be true to oneself

dispenses with effects of group pressure,bringing acceptance of self without conformity

using this for energy generation is excellent.
concentrates positive energy in an area to interact with all present
provides revitalizing mental stimulation, concentration of healing energy for other minerals, and unifying the group effort

removes emotional blockages, allowing one to reflect personal attitudes, opinion, conceptions, and strengthen personal integrity and conviction

PHYSICAL: Used to treat deficiencies in the immune system, to protect from negative energy and psychic attacks
*increases the amount of energy applied by other minerals in ANY healing situation



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