On this Blessed Earth Day, I am filled with love and light for our beautiful planet and all life upon it. I marvel at the structure of it, the amazing ecosystems, the chances of life, our life.

I also find myself reflecting on waste, pollution, and destruction of our beautiful home, our beautiful Earth. I love nature. I love plants. I love my yard. I reuse water even though it is discoloured. I plan my errands so that I use less gas. I stopped buying more minerals and crystals several years ago in an effort to slow down our rape of Mother Earth. I literally “stop and smell the flowers”. I take time to appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature, all around us.

I also cry. I cry for our beautiful planet, our beautiful animals and birds, reptiles and fish, insects and amphibians, our trees, our plants. The air we breathe… and also pollute. The soil we grow plants in… and also pollute. The water we drink and bathe in, and also pollute… or waste…

Pollution is not just a word that one should easily dismiss. It is sad that even the second definition of pollute is the basis for all that we are doing to ruin our beautiful home, our Beautiful Earth.


Will you consider how you can reduce wasting resources? Will you consider acquiring fewer items, needing fewer things?

Will you try new ways of doing things? New ways and cooperative efforts to travel? Drive less, and walk or bike?

Will you keep using your older phone instead of getting a new one every year?

Will you stop using harmful chemicals in your home?

Will you reuse your old items, like plastic containers, for other purposes since you aren’t using them for food anymore?

Will you forgo cutting down trees on your land so that you can a few more square meters of crop?

Will you forgo having a live Christmas tree, and also forgo an artificial one? (If we were all more honest and trustworthy, we could simply decorate the trees in our yards.) You can research more about Christmas trees with this search:

Will you make suggestions below on how we can reduce waste?

I am proud of you, dear reader, for all that you make an effort to accomplish. Many of you grow plants, collect rainwater, ride a bicycle, compost, reuse dishwater, flush fewer toilets, repair and keep using used items, ride or walk to work, carpool, keep using your older technology, and so many more things. Thank you for all of your efforts.

We must do more. We are all responsible for this planet, whether you want to acknowledge your part in that or not. You can think that someone else is going to take care of things, but if it is going to be, it is up to WE.

What are you going to do better? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to sacrifice?

We are all responsible for this world and all of the life upon it. Stop ignoring this:

This is only the first page of images.

For those of you who know me, you know I am about Love. Is polluting our Earth, love? No. No, it is far from it.

Please join me in a prayer:

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