22022022 MIRROR DAY

What an incredible day for All of Us! I have long awaited this day, a day of both unity and reflection. I had originally named this day ”Mirror Day” in an effort to encourage everyone to see themselves in each other, and create the unity in two’s. I quickly came to realize that it could be so much more than that: a day to reflect on what has been and what will be. A day to see that past reflected, but not repeated, in the future. And the unity does not end today – this is only the beginning!

We are all capable of so much more than we realize, myself included. Yes, there are many things that hold us back. It is good to sit in reflection of our past, but do not remain there! It is over and done with. The best part of the past is that it created you as you are in the present, on this day.

They say depression lives in dwelling on the past, and anxiety in those who worry about the future. On this day in particular, may we all sit in the dichotomy of the Universal Energy and go forward with something beneficial.

My favourite lesson in the covid experience we all shared is this: Change CAN happen quickly. It proved this to be true. Can you imagine how many more things can happen if we just put our heads together, two’s and two’s and two’s and two’s…?

May this World experience UNITY and go forward in Peace, Love, and Light Forevermore.



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