2022 New Year Blessings!

Master of Crystology Energy Healer Dawn Markus

Happy New Year to You and Yours! May the coming year bring you many blessings, especially those of excellent health in body and mind, clarity and direction in purpose, prosperity in the fulfillment of your needs, and happiness and joy from relationships and personal achievements.

Thank you for all that you have contributed to my life. I appreciate your presence, support, and encouragement. No effort is too small and I appreciate your choices.

I am feeling very blessed this day. On January 1st each year, I like to start fresh. I like to cleanse my body in January each year, starting with digestive cleanse and followed by kidney and liver flushes. It is strange to get up this morning and drink salt water right off the bat… aaah, salt of the Earth. Admittedly, I did drink my lemon water first and waited a bit to work myself up to the salt flush.

In 2021, I tried a new strategy that failed… I tried to publicly claim that I was going to do something, thinking that it would then put the pressure on me to do so. However, I did not. It seems that my healing has to happen on its own without strategy all the time. While I am glad to say I am in the space I am finally in, the passage of time in order to achieve this current state of satisfaction, happiness, and motivation had me wondering. I have learned the value in doing nothing in order to achieve something.

I know this year will be a Grand Year! I am personally looking forward to achieving so much this year, as it is a magickal year for me with many numbers lining up. I also wish to lead others into a better age for our beautiful Earth home. We CAN DO IT! Unity is not impossible. Each individual must seek to attain their own state of healthy mind and body. In this way, we can each contribute more fully and selflessly to the improvement of this world.

May each day bring you clarity and progress. May your heart be open to forgiving and forgetting the sorrows and betrayals of the past. May your eyes and heart see forward to the potential for global unity and peace.

I love you. Happy New Year! WELCOME 2022!

With my Love and Light,


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