Raw vs Polished

raw crystals versus polished healing crystals

In the beginning years of collecting and applying the healing properties of crystals, I was very adamant about only having the natural, raw crystals and mineral specimens. Yes, actually adamant. I wanted to work with the energy of natural stones. Plus, I wanted to know what these minerals looked like in their natural form so that I could get better at identifying them. Because I had only worked with raw and natural crystals for healing, I started to wonder if the energy was different for polished stones.

Of course, it was a no brainer once I realized that it only has to do with the direction of the energy. But you know, you would be surprised at how many rockshop owners would sour on me simply because I asked them this very question. In fact, I was treated so poorly at this one vendor in Regina that I told my friends and family NOT to buy me stones from that place. (I had purchased many stones from them over the years, but enough was enough.) I am not now, nor have I ever been, the type to continue supporting businesses who are disrespectful.

Why do people get so uppity about questions? Why do we feel so bad when we do not know the answer? You and I and anyone certainly do not know it all. I think people are put off by the hard questions for a great many reasons, but that has not stopped ME from continuing to ask them!

When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear.

Lao Tzu ~ Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni

The energy emanates from the stone as a field around it. Any stone will do this. The energy will be stronger with high vibration stones. The energy will be more efficient and balanced in all directions the closer you can get to a spherical shape. Personally, this is my main application for gemstone spheres, to emanate the energy equally in all directions. <Aaaaahhhhhh Zennnnn Sigh of contentment and joy.> Any rounded object will do, whether it is perfectly spherical or perhaps rounded like a palmstone. If you want or need it to emanate in a specific direction, you then choose stones with points that you can direct. Polished points and natural points direct the energy out of (and/or in from) the point – the same directional energy is achieved whether you have a natural or polished point.

The aspect of raw versus polished comes down to energy.

What direction do you want your energy to go in, and how precise do you need it to be.

– Dawn Markus, MC

As a collector, you wouldn’t really want a polished specimen because you want to see the true formation and natural crystal habit. I am both a collector and a practitioner. There are some specimens I collect that I do not use for energy work. There are certain minerals that I could only utilize by placement of the delicate specimen, not powerful handling of it.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I got my hand on my first polished dioptase piece, a piece that is weirdly shaped, but fits perfectly in my hand. It is terrific for my personal energy work! I was also thrilled when I handled polished azurite for the first time. Granted, the polished azurite is not as high a quality as the polished dioptase, where you can see the gemmy outline of the larger crystals of dioptase. The polished azurite has lines of tiny polished crystals between a mostly-matrix stone. But it is pure azurite, that is for sure! The energy is going to be better in a crystal form for either of these mineral types, BUT, if one is a powerful practitioner and has a solid grip on either of these polished options, one can do wonders with them.

YOUR energy and YOUR intention are the most important tools to apply in all forms of healing.

– Dawn Markus, MC

I have a hypothesis on why these items were never available in the past: I think that the demand has become greater than the quality being mined. So, when they have a mass deposit, they can then polish it up and sell it. Or, if there is some crystal formations but they are mostly broken and/or damaged, they can polish it up. I think that is what happened for my polished dioptase wondertool (hehe) to have been created.

In summary, the higher vibrational energy your tools have, the more effective your results. The better quality a stone, the higher vibration. Ultimately, you must make the decision in each moment of what tools are going to work best for the results you desire. Does size matter? Sometimes. lol – ANOTHER ARTICLE FOR ANOTHER DAY! But herein, I will say this: if you have a huge boulder of a specific mineral material, it is going to create a larger energy field than a small natural or polished perfectly clear high vibe crystal.

It cannot be overstated that it comes down to your energy and your intention. It is important to me that GOOD people are my students. I am not willing to train the dark side.




Dawn Markus has been a mineral collector since childhood, and a crystal healing practitioner since 1990. She was designated as a Master of Crystology in 2017 in Phoeniz, Arizona.  The basis of her teaching began with and evolved from the methodology of mathematician and scientist Melody, who authored the Love Is In The Earth series.  Dawn is also a certified Reiki Practitioner and Mediator for Conflict Resolution.  She lives a vegan lifestyle and is an advanced gardener and animal guardian.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this website, I have always admired your integrity and desire to do good and see the good in others, so refreshing in these troubled times.

    1. Admin Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

      Thank you for your kind words, Shannon. It brings meaning to my life knowing that I can make a difference in yours! xox

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