Welcome to Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop online!! There is so much I want to say, and I will.

I loooove typing and am an extremely fast typist, typing almost as fast as I can talk or think. I have written a lot in the past two years that I will publish, either here or on my personal website. I even have a twenty year project that I will be publishing into a tangible book this year. I prefer to hand write things of importance, which has everything to do with my love and light, my purpose.

I want to express my gratitude to all of my customers and friends for your support of me through my life journey and my business journey. You are the reason I started, and you are the reason I continue. Thank you for all that you have done for me and for others in your life journey.

Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop will be 5 years in September, and I know that the past year or two has had minimal interaction. We all must choose what to do with our time and energy, and I did what I had to do. It is always important to me that I am a good person and that I am LIVING that which I profess. I do not say the things I say for the sake of business and marketing. That is not my path.

People are my priority.  Ethics are my priority. 
- Dawn Markus, MC, RP, CM

I am thankful when any person is patient with me, and I appreciate that you have been patient as well. In my solitude, I have gained the clarity I was seeking. I now forge ahead like never before with a fuller knowledge of my purpose. I live each day fully, as I have for most of my life: in the present moment and in my vision for global unity and higher being. I will continue to be a business while maintaining my integrity. Please keep this in mind as I make socially unpopular choices, such as the ways in which I choose NOT to do business.

There is much about me that you would not know, just as I do not know about you. Some of you I have met only recently and we have become close due to our capacity for love. Others have known OF me for decades, but hardly know me. Some of you are reading this and learning about me for the first time. I am blessed and honoured that you, yes YOU, are here with me in this moment. As I typed that, I thought of you reading it, so yes, we are sharing this exact moment in the text together.

It takes a lifetime to learn about ourselves.  We should not be so quick to make assumptions about any other person.  
-Dawn Markus, MC, RP, CM

I do not wish to make assumptions about what you need or want. Please take the opportunity to provide a comment about what YOU would like me to write. I know of several topics that people have requested in the past – feel free to ask for what you want and need!!!

What do YOU want to read about?

What do you need to learn about? What are some questions you have about crystals and minerals that I may address?

What are YOUR opinions on the topics I raise in the articles that I write? Please comment or ask for more on the specific article pages: commenting there helps me stay focused and more organized = response ability)

How are you feeling TODAY and how can I help?

I love you, even if we have never met. How? Because I know that deep in your heart, you are a good person. You are important, you are valued, and I am grateful that you are here with me. Thank you.

Have a most lovely time here on this crystal site. I am interested in YOU.

With my Love and Light,


Dawn Markus has been a mineral collector since childhood, and a crystal healing practitioner since 1990. She was designated as a Master of Crystology in 2017 in Phoeniz, Arizona.  The basis of her teaching began with and evolved from the methodology of mathematician and scientist Melody, who authored the Love Is In The Earth series.  Dawn is also a certified Reiki Practitioner and Mediator for Conflict Resolution.  She lives a vegan lifestyle and is an advanced gardener and animal guardian.


  1. I am so glad I came across your site! Thank you for having such high standards for yourself so that people like me can feel confident in their purchase.

  2. Oh, Dawn I am so excited for your new store. Better late than never!

  3. Super informational and very easy to navigate. I absolutely love that there is a crystal guide to help make it easier to find what I am looking for!! I am so excited to buy from you again Dawn, especially from the comfort of my own home haha! 🙂

    1. Admin Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

      Thank you,Erica, for being my first webstore sale! I am so blessed to have spent some time with you today figuring out the process from the shoppers point of view. Thank you for helping me!

    2. Admin Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

      Thank you, Erica, for being my first webstore customer!
      Hey Everyone in the Edmonton, Alberta area – check out Erica’ s tattoo service and get on the waiting list! Instagram @witchytattoobitch

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